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Frequently Asked Questions

1) What are coins for?

Coins are used to buy extra Helpers.


There are 7 types of Helper in the game and the first one unlocks when you win level 6. A Helper is special move (e.g. SWAP) that you can use during any level to give you an extra strategy to help win or increase your score. You get 3 free Helpers of each type, but once you have used all three, you can buy more with coins.

2) I made a number but it did not highlight the square or count towards my objective ?

From level 16 onwards, numbers will only count if they are made in row or column equal to that number.


For example. if you need to make some 3’s, a 3 will only count towards your objective IF it is made in a ROW of 3, or a COLUMN of 3. You can tap the 3 at the top of the screen to highlight which squares are in rows and columns of 3. (include screen shot of this).


There is also a tutorial for this, called ‘MATCHING’. which can be found in the Option Menu -> Tutorials (include screenshot with arrow pointing to where the option menu button is)

3)  Are the numbers that fall

into the grid really random ?

Yes, the numbers that fall into the grid when you make a swipe, are always 100% random, between 1 and 9. However, a number will never be introduced that immediately counts towards your objective - you always have to make those yourself.

(Note - On a few levels a 0 can also be introduced, again totally at random). Even if you experience getting the same number falling many times in a row, or always getting even numbers for while, please be reassured that there is no sneaky algorithm being used to make levels harder to win - you have just been unlucky on that occasion.

4) I am playing on my iPhone and my iPad but my progress does not synch ?

Currently, the ability to synch progress between devices is not supported. However, I am aware that this is a much-requested feature and so it is high up the priority list to be built. As soon as it is available I will let everyone know via the Facebook page.

5) There is a bug which is stopping me playing, but if I delete the game and download it again I worry

I will lose all my progress. What should I do?​

I am working constantly to fix all bugs and highly value every reported bug from players. Please email me any details to, including if possible screen shots of the problem, and I will respond to you directly to try and identify the problem. Bugs are being fixed every week in this way. I try and get a new Update live every 2-3 weeks with new bug-fixes.

Only delete the game and re-download as a very last resort as this will, unfortunately, lose all your progress.

6) My friend says she has a higher score than me on a

certain level, but in my game her score has not increased?

The scores of your Facebook friends are updated in your game once every 24 hours. Similarly, your friends will get your scores on a 24 hour update cycle. This is assuming you and your friends open the game at least once in that 24hour period.

I am looking at ways to increase the frequency of this that will balance the needs of players to track their competition with the load / cost of the cloud that handles this. 

7) I just changed time zones and

now I cannot play the Prize Challenges.

It appears there are some bugs related to changing time zones and the Prize Challenges then failing to become available at the time intervals they are supposed to. A way to fix this is to set the timezone on your device manually back to what it was before you traveled, play the game and select each Prize Challenge (Easy, Medium, Hard) to reset their timers, and then set the timezone on your device back to automatic.


This has been found to fix the issue for many people. I encourage you to report problems like this to because it is an area I am actively investigating and hope to resolve once and for all very soon.

What are coins for?
I made a number but it did not highlight the square or count towards my objective ?
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