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We were holidaying in Hawaii and had just ordered breakfast in the tranquil village of Pahoa. Looking at the local newspaper my girlfriend said to me, "What would it look like if you took a crossword, but used numbers instead of letters?".


That simple question really intrigued me, and so that evening we took pen, paper and a dice, and made a simple prototype. We drew a crossword-style grid and filled it with random numbers. Then we gave ourselves challenges to put certain numbers into certain squares by allowing the addition/subtraction of adjacent numbers, and back-filling any gaps with random dice-thrown numbers.

Learning how to code for Smartphones!


When we returned home from the vacation, I wanted to build a prototype. However, I had no knowledge on how to code a mobile game for smartphones. So, I had to learn everything by myself. After reading hundreds of articles and textbooks, I was able to code the first prototype of Smart Numbers in Unity and it quickly became an addictive little puzzle.

This was to become the Smart Numbers you can play today...


So thank you Hawaii, thank you beautiful village of Pahoa, and huge thank you to Helene for that simple curious question !!!


Chris - Founder of Smart Numbers


An idea occurred during a trip!

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