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March 10        Smart Numbers is coming on Android!

Feb 22            How Smart Numbers Got Featured In All 155                 Countries Within 4 Weeks

Feb 10            150,000 downloads in a few weeks!

Jan 04            A game that parents want their kids to play!

Dec 28            "An excellent brain-teasing game" Review

Dec 04            Smart Numbers is launched Worldwide in the               Apple Store





Finally a game that requires you to be smart!


Smart Numbers is a minimalist number-crunching puzzler. Mixing some elements of crosswords and Sudoku, Smart Numbers is a totally new and original mobile game that claims to be 'Candy Crush for smart people!´ This game requires intelligence, patience and strategy. The player simply swipes to add and subtract numbers through 150 varied levels!


Smart Numbers has been created for everyone, adults and children, who want to use their spare time constructively to improve their cognitive powers!  For all those who like the games of numbers and logic - beware  - this quickly becomes addictive!


Watch the Trailer >


At its launch, Apple spotted Smart Numbers early and featured it in the ‘top board games’ and ‘top puzzle games’’ of every App Store it appeared in. At its worldwide release on Dec 8th, Apple then elevated the game to its most prestigious ´New Games We Love' category - something only the very best games achieve. Rapidly, players all over the world started being addicted to Smart Numbers. Over 150,000 players in less than a month.





How to play

Each level contains a unique grid and a different objective. Simply swipe to add or subtract numbers to achieve the objective. The level of difficulty and strategy increases rapidly as you progress through the 150 levels.


Watch a tutorial on How-to-play > 




Awesome Features

A game to be smarter

This is a totally fresh and original game for casual gamers who want something a little smarter.


Addictive & Challenging

Calculate strategies to score highly and earn the best grades - are you an A+ student? Unlock 30 ‘GENIUS’ levels for the greatest test of your mathematical prowess.


Train your brain

Great for anyone!! Kids to strengthen their math skills and the silver-haired amongst us to keep our minds sharp!


Beautiful & Brilliant

Beautiful design and relaxing music! Designed for everyone to pick up and enjoy anytime!


More than 150 free levels!

Just an infinity of numbers waiting for their ultimate calculation.


Compete with friends

Connect with your Facebook friends to compete for medals and take your place at the top of the ‘Who’s Smartest’ leaderboard.





Who is playing?

The game is aimed at any puzzle or board gamer who is looking for something a little more cerebral and challenging than colored candies and cute figurines. These players are of all ages, from teens to people over 65 years. The statistics are rather impressive... People play an average of 30-45 minutes a day over the course of 2 or 3 sessions. Interestingly, many parents mentioned that they want this application to be used as a game for their children because the content is educational, helping them with their basic math.


Another type of player that enjoys Smart Numbers is the competitive player - scores are compared on every level, medals are awarded for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place per level, and a ‘Who’s Smartest’ leaderboard is maintained across all your facebook friends. So getting A+ and high scores become a matter of honor!


Read Customers' Reviews >

Business Model

Smart Numbers is free to download and play. There are no adverts to slow down the flow or distract from the beautifully designed screens. 

There are some in-app purchases to provide players more strategies for winning but these are totally optional. Many players have completed the 150 levels without purchasing anything!

Our most popular in-app purchase are the '5 Extra Swipes'. If the player wasn't able to win the level, he/she can buy extra swipes and to try to complete it.

Players can buy extra 'Diplomas'. After losing a level, you lose a Diploma. If you lose all your Diplomas, you have to wait 20 minutes for one to regenerate. Or you can pay to regenerate all your Diplomas immediately.

Players can also buy coins. Coins are used to buy extra 'Helpers'. A Helper is a special move that you can use during any level to give you an extra strategy to help win or increase your score. You get 3 free Helpers of each type, but once you have used all three, you can buy more with coins.

There are also totally optional 'rewarded-videos' which give players 'Helpers' in return for watching a 30 second video ad.

What makes this game special

Sudoku, 2048 and Threes! are all awesome puzzle games which have numbers in them. But there has not been a successful game to date which uses genuine mathematics for its core gameplay. It seems counter-intuitive that something most people find a chore could actually be fun. But Smart Numbers achieves it by keeping the math simple and the strategies deep and engaging.





An Interesting History

Inspired during a vacation, a British-born games industry veteran living in Montreal created Smart Numbers over the past 2 years. Chris Gibbs has designed and developed the game as a real labor of love, doing all the coding and artwork single-handed, in a throw-back to his teenage years making games for early home computers.



An idea that occurred during a vacation!

It was during a trip to Hawaii, that Chris (the developer) and Hélène his girlfriend, had the idea of a new game to pass the time! After a good breakfast in the tranquil village of Pahoa, Hélène looked for the "game section" of a local newspaper and said to him, "What would it look like if you took a crossword, but used numbers instead of letters?".


That simple question really intrigued him, and so that evening they took pen, paper and a dice, and made a simple prototype. They drew a crossword-style grid and filled it with random numbers. Then they gave themselves challenges to put certain numbers into certain squares by allowing the addition/subtraction of adjacent numbers, and back-filling any gaps with random dice-thrown numbers.


Learning how to code for smartphone!

When they returned home from the vacation, Chris wanted to build a prototype, but he had no knowledge on how to code a mobile game for smartphones!! So, he had to learn everything by himself. After reading hundreds of articles and several textbooks, he was able to code the first prototype of Smart Numbers in Unity and it quickly became an addictive little puzzle. This was to become the Smart Numbers you can play today…



Beta Test

After iterating through a few prototypes, Smart Numbers launched a private beta during the Spring 2016. This allowed Smart Numbers to get real metrics and feedback from early users.



Worldwide iOS Launch

On Dec 8th, Smart Numbers was released worldwide. Apple spotted Smart Numbers early and featured it in hundreds of countries on several Top App Lists. Rapidly, players all over the world started being addicted to Smart Numbers and reviewing the app positively!  Over 150,000 players in under a month!



Smart Numbers is coming to Android in March 2017.

Smart Numbers Team will continue developing new and better versions to keep the game improving and growing its fan base.



Watch Making-Of Video >




About Chris, the Retired Entrepreneur

Smart Numbers was created by a retired entrepreneur! Christopher Gibbs began his career in computer games at the age of 15, back in the early 80's. He set up with several friends a UK-based game studio called "Attention To Detail (ATD)" in 1988. The group then created games for consoles and arcades for notable companies such as Sony, Activision, LucasArts, EIDOS and Lego. They won several awards and employed more than 100 people at their peak. Following this experience, Chris worked for 10 years at Electronic Arts as Executive producer and then General Manager. He was responsible for employees in various countries including England, Romania, India and finally Canada.


After more than 10 years in the corporate world of the gaming industry, Chris has now gone full circle back to his roots, and is working again as an Independent developer (an ‘Indy’). He has developed Smart Numbers as a labor of love from his home in the Old Port of Montreal and is on a mission to make the greatest puzzle games he can!










Logo & Icon









Introducing Smart Numbers - The Trailer










Tutorial - How to play










The Making of - Smart Number Story















How to Play



Christopher Gibbs


Worldwide Release date:

December 8th, 2016



iOS : Link

Android : Link







Free to download


Customer Ratings:

583 Ratings

4.5 stars

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