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What's this blog for?

I thought it might be interesting to document the journey of Smart Numbers from its humble beginnings to wherever they may lead - if nothing else as a personal record - but also hopefully to help others embarking on a similar adventure.

I've been making games since I was 13, starting out on Sinclair's ZX Spectrum! The first published game I was involved with was Atari's SuperSprint for the Atari ST - I did all the graphics and learned a lot about design. I then co-founded a game studio, ATD, which ran for 15 years, and followed that with 10yrs running teams and studios for EA.

Smart Numbers is my first game as a solely independant effort. I'm making it purely for the fun of it - Not to fulfil a corporate startegy or to hit a financial target - but to simply entertain as many folks as possible. And if I can make a living while doing so, that would be awesome :-)

So this blog is aimed at all independant game makers out there - lets see what happens...!

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